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Our donors are not simply check-writers, they are

supporting members of The Travel Songs Foundation.

They share our belief that music is the universal

language and that musical heritage from around the

world should be shared and preserved for future



No matter how large or small your gift, your donation will entitle you to an annual membership in The Travel Songs Foundation. With this membership, you will receive:

  • Unlimited access to our media library -- Browse and view a wide variety of photographs, videos, and audio recordings from our travels.

  • A monthly newsletter -- Stay up to date about our projects, provide insights and recommendations about future projects, and be the first to see behind-the-scenes content from our media productions.

  • Invitations to members-only events, lectures, and performances. Receive exclusive invitations to Travel Songs events including live musical performances, educational lectures, film screenings, and more!

Funding for The Sabino Luthier School


We are currently raising funds for The Sabino

Luthier School in Cusco, Peru. With your support,

we will be able to continue funding this important

project to preserve the craft of producing handmade

Andean Instruments in Peru. To better understand how

your donations will affect this project, take a look

at the donor levels below:


$10 - Gas for our students to travel from Q’eros to Cusco for one class

$25 - Gas, lodging, and food for our students for one week of classes

$50 - Orange and Cedar wood for a set of charangos (Andean stringed instrument)

$100 - The monthly wage for our Assistant Course Instructor, Jhosimar Huaman

$250 - The monthly wage for our Course Instructor, Sabino Huaman (4 classes)

$500 - A set of Stanley(R) wood shavers for each student

$1000 - A full set of tools for one student


*** Please note that these levels are not necessarily recommendations and the Travel Songs Foundation is appreciative of any amount - large or small. These values are intended to provide perspective in to the project’s budget and help you understand the tremendous impact your donation will have on our project’s success. ***


Contributions to The Travel Songs Fund are tax deductible. 
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