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The Q'eros are a group of people who live in the Andean highlands of Peru. They live a traditional lifestyle and are said to be the last descendants of the Incan Empire. To the Q'eros, music is a gift for the gods.

Virgen del Carmen Festival


The Virgen del carmen festival happens once a year in the remote Andean village of Paucartambo, Peru. It is a time when people come from all over the country to sing and dance in devotion to their patron saint, the Virgen Del Carmen.

Sabino: Peruvian Luthier

Sabino Huaman is a third generation luthier that makes traditional
society as the country begins to embrace modernity and shift the focus away from
Peruvian instruments by hand. He represents a fading aspect of Peruvian artisanal crafts and trades.

Cusco and Surrounding Regions



Cusco is an ancient incan city that sits 11,200 feet above sea level. located close the urubamba valley, cusco and the surrounding regions are host to a rich culture and intense geographic landscape. 

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