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Zachary Humenik (Hey Slow) is a folk-rock musician based out of Philadelphia, PA. With nearly two decades of experience as the songwriter for regional groups such as Diego Paulo, Travel Songs, and Tetra, Humenik's style has become well known for his use of world music themes mixed with pop and psychedelic rock. 


For his debut solo release, Yosemite, Humenik turns the page on his musical past and delves into new genres and feels. The 6 song EP weaves between indie rock and alt-country with songwriting that describes the solemn truths of our times.

Evocative and sometimes painful, Humenik's voice is front and center on the tracks. His unique tone sits high above the mix, lush with harmonies and emotion.

Humenik's rhythmic guitar playing and noodling solos are supported by instrumentation from Philadelphia based composer, Samuel Nobles to give Yosemite a full band sound with a songwriter vibe.


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