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Travel Songs: Peru film debut 
Out and About - Dec.. 2014
'Inter cultural documentary to premiere a Theatre N'


This real deal documentarian releases awe inspiring 'Travel Songs'
Jet Set Times - Nov. 2014
'When we first met Zachary Humenik almost two years ago, we were researching organizations our Top 10 Kickstarters All About Traveling – October Edition...'


Anthro alum to release documentary celebrating music and culture
UD Review - May 2014
'Zachary humenik hopes his work combats stereotypes and narrow world views.'


The Travel Songs Project
Out and About - Sept. 2013
'Six guys from delaware embrace adventure as they travel to peru to document culture and music'


Travek Exclusive | Travel songs: Peru - Sept. 2013
'I couldn't breath - it must've been a combination of the altitude and chili peppers in the fire pits...'


Indie band is off to peru
Out and About - may 2013
'travel songs will shoot a documentary on a 15 day trip.''


Delaware arts alliance member profile
DAA newsletter - 2nd quarter 2014
'Zachary Humenik: mapping culture and music.'
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