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Welcome to The Travel Songs Foundation, where we believe in the transformative power of music to bridge cultures, connect hearts, and inspire positive change. Our mission is simple yet profound: "Connecting Cultures Through Music."

Our Mission

At The Travel Songs Foundation, we are passionate advocates for music and musicians around the world. We understand the universal language of music and its ability to transcend borders, languages, and differences. Through various initiatives and projects, we actively work to promote and preserve the rich tapestry of global musical traditions, while nurturing the next generation of musicians and music enthusiasts.


Our Initiatives

  • Education Documentary Films: We believe in the power of storytelling to create awareness and appreciation for diverse musical cultures. In 2015, we raised $15,000 to produce the award-winning documentary "Travel Songs: Peru." This captivating film takes you on a journey through the heart of Peru, showcasing its rich musical heritage, artists, and traditions.

  • Instrument-Building Schools: In 2017, we raised $12,000 to establish a school in Cusco, Peru, where young people have the opportunity to learn the art of crafting traditional instruments. This not only preserves valuable cultural heritage but also empowers local communities to sustain their musical traditions for generations to come.

  • Music Education: We are committed to making music education accessible to everyone. In 2018, we released an educational documentary about instruments in Peru, which has now become an integral part of the curriculum in higher education institutions. This initiative is helping students worldwide to understand the cultural significance and craftsmanship behind musical instruments.

  • Community Studios: Music has the power to transform lives, and we aim to make it accessible to all. We secured a federal grant to establish a community music studio in an underserved area, providing a free and inclusive space for people to learn, create, and share their musical talents.


At The Travel Songs Foundation, we are united by a love for music and a shared vision of a world where cultures are celebrated through harmonious melodies. Join us on this extraordinary journey of Connecting Cultures Through Music. Together, we can create a more harmonious and interconnected world.

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Zachary Humenik

Zachary is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Travel Songs Foundation. He studied Anthropology at The University of Delaware and graduated in 2008. Since then he has served a year of service as an AmeriCorps fellow, worked as a photographer in Tunisia during the 2011-2012 popular revolutions, filmed and edited videos for TIME Inc., and led a video division at a technology start-up in New York City. Zachary is currently employed by The University of Pennsylvania as Associate Director of the Online Learning Studio.



When he is not planning charity and video productions for The Travel Songs Foundation, Zachary spends his time playing music, taking 35mm photographs, and speaking at his alma mater, The University of Delaware. 

Tyler Holloway

Tyler Holloway is the Co-Founder and a Board Member of the Travel Songs Foundation. After receiving his Bachelors Degree in Music Business, Tyler pursued a career as a musician, educator, and recording studio owner before returning to school to acquire MBAs with concentrations in Marketing Management and Organizational Leadership. Tyler then transitioned to a career in marketing where he currently works as a Project Manager and Consultant to help nonprofits, small businesses, and large corporations get the most out of their marketing and technology presence. 


This interest and experience lies at the core of his role with the Travel Songs Foundation, where he is responsible for the development and execution of the organization’s Marketing Strategy and Donor Relations, as well as the Audio Production and Engineering for all Travel Songs multimedia projects. 

Avrim Topel

Avrim Topel is a board member of The Travel Songs Foundation and serves as the business strategy advisor to the organization. After spending 36 years as a Real Estate Developer and Hotelier, Ave Topel dedicates his time to creative and philanthropic endeavors. As a painter, his paintings have enjoyed successful gallery shows in Delaware and Pennsylvania, and as an author, he has published two books. Ave is most passionate about music.  As a published songwriter, most of his time these days is dedicated to songwriting. He is also a partner in The Batson Guitar Company located in Nashville, TN. He resides with his wife of 33 years, Vicki, and lives in Delaware and Florida.

Carla Guerron Montero

Carla Guerrón Montero is a board member of The Travel Songs Foundation and serves as the organization's academic advisor. Dr. Guerrón Montero is a cultural and applied anthropologist originally from Ecuador, trained in the United States and Latin America. She specializes in the African diaspora, the anthropology of tourism and the anthropology of food (Panama, Ecuador, Grenada, Brazil). Dr. Guerrón Montero is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Delaware. She holds joint appointments in the Departments of Africana Studies and Women and Gender Studies and the Latin American and Iberian Studies Program.


As part of her research, Dr. Guerrón Montero has published on the ways in which music becomes a vehicle for identity representation and nation-building, and has organized special events focused on music in the African Diaspora for the Delaware community.  Additionally, she was the convener and meeting program organizer of the Music and Sound Interest Group (MSIG) of the American Anthropological Association (2010-2012).  

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