Sabino Luthier School Project

Over the past three decades, the tourism industry and foreign influence in the Andean region have changed the professional landscape. This transition from a traditional way of life to a more modern and global culture has had a negative impact on artisanal handcraft goods.


We met Sabino while filming in Cusco. He is a third generation Peruvian instrument maker who's guitars and charangos are of the highest quality in the region.


However, his children have decided not to continue the trade, instead opting to attend university -- a common theme Cusco handcraft industry today.


In an effort to ensure this important cultural skill is not lost, The Travel Songs Foundation is launching an initiative to create a school where students can come to learn how to create Peruvian instruments -- with Sabino as their instructor. 


This one-year intensive course in instrument making meets every week on Saturdays and is taught by Sabino Huaman. All costs related to materials, time, tools, and transportation are covered by The Travel Songs Foundation.


Courses began January 14, 2017.