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Course Curriculum


Courses Begin January 14, 2017 || 09h-16h (9am-4pm) GMT - 5

Tandapata Barrio San Blas #370

Cusco, Peru



First Trimester: January - April


- Students will learn how to use their tools

- Students will learn how to put their tools together

- Students will practice cutting wood and learn the properties of the different woods

- Students will learn the exact measurements and forms of all elements of their instruments


Second Trimester: May - August


- Work will begin on their first charangos

- Students will learn how to properly assemble their instruments 

- By the end of this stage, students will have a firm grasp on how to create the basic form and shell of their instruments


Third Trimester: September - December


- Students will learn to put the finishing touches on their instruments

- Students will put the strings and their instruments and tune them properly

- Students will learn the basics of playing their instruments


** Video and Photo updates on the students' progress will be made available at the close of each quarter. 




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