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The Travel Songs Foundation Seeks Funding for Sabino Luthier School

Hecton, 17, and Eulogio, 15, working on creating Andean instruments at The Sabino Luthier School in Cusco, Peru

Following the successful launch of The Sabino Luthier School in Cusco, Peru on January 14, The Travel Songs Foundation is actively seeking donations to complete funding for the 2017 school year.

The Sabino Luthier School is the first charitable initiative for The Travel Songs Foundation, and was developed after the filming of Travel Songs: Peru in 2013.

While filming in 2013, the Travel Songs production team met Sabino Huaman, a third generation luthier who makes traditional Andean instruments by hand. Sabino expressed a concern that the proliferation of technology, along with his children's desire to pursue other careers, would eventually lead to the disappearance of this skill -- a skill not only important to Sabino, but also to the cultural heritage of Andes.

The Sabino Luthier School was established in an effort to preserve the art of hand made Andean instruments -- while also empowering people within the local community to pursue future careers in instrument making and media.

The Sabino Luthier School brings students to Cusco on a weekly basis from the town of Q'eros to learn how to make traditional Andean instruments -- like the charango. Classes meet every Saturday from 9am-4pm and are taught by Sabino.

Additionally, Sabino's son, Jhosimar, who is currently enrolled in The University of Cusco for media production, films and photographs each class. This allows for the process and progress of the students to accurately documented. Jhosimar's role as videographer and photographer on this project ensures that all parties involved can foster and improve the skill of their choosing, thus empowering the local community.

At the end of this year long course at The Sabino Luthier School, students will possess the skill set to build Andean instruments by hand, Jhosimar will have hands-on experience in a media production setting, Sabino will have been able to pass an endangered art form on to the next generation.

Sabino Luthier School Operating Budget: $13,829

Current Amount Raised: $7,200

Amount Needed to Complete Project: $6,629

All donations are tax deductible, and will go towards tools and materials for the students, transportation from Q'eros to Cusco for the students, lodging in Cusco for the students, and a wage for Sabino and his son Jhosimar for the classes they teach. Donations can be made through The Travel Songs Foundation's donation portal.

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